I love vintage fabric, clothes, prints and wallpaper.    No scrap of fabric is too small for my stash which has now reached gigantic proportions.    Through this blog I will be documenting my search for textiles together with sewing tips and hints that will give your sewing projects that professional look.   Keep upto date by logging in regularly to see which fairs I will be attending and which fabrics will be available.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Good evening,
    I have interest about your Sanderson hykenham fabric.
    I need for my sofa and a couple of armchairs.
    Do you think it can be right for this work? Because it looks strange for the size of pieces 3 x 3.
    How many meters are still available?
    Which price to send to Italy?
    Thank You
    Best regards
    Roberto Luceri

    • Good morning Roberto. Thank you for your enquiry. There are 3 separate pieces of 3m of this fabric. Heavyweight linen. Unfortunately there will not be enough to upholster your requirements but you could combine with other Sandersons linen to make patchwork covers, very popular in the U.K. Fabric is very heavy so postage to Italy would be high but if you decide to go ahead I will obtain a quote.

      • Good evening mrs Angela
        I have to ask something more: is every piece made from 3 or 6 parts sewing together ?
        Generally fabric is about 1 or 1,40 meter high or in this case is just 3 meters high?
        Maybe are them curtains?
        Which is the price for each piece 3 x 3 meters?
        Last one: is the all fabric in perfect conditions?
        Best regards

  2. Hello. I have checked my stock and can confirm fabric in perfect condition, new and unused.
    There are in fact only 2 pieces. One is 4m long, price £80. One is 3.5m long, price £70.
    Width is 124cms. Pattern repeat 53cms. Therefore total price for the 2 pieces £150. Best wishes Angela

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