Vintage sewing boxes

A productive sewing day making pin cushions and needle cases in vintage fabric for our range of sewing boxes. These will be available on our new web site and in Goods and Chattels, Market Place, Howden. They are chock full of pins, needles, reels of cotton, vintage buttons etc and are essential if you’re a crafted, dressmaker or soft furnisher.


We’re On Our way!

After our first Vintage Fair of the year at the Hospitium, Museum Gardens in York we are now preparing for our 2nd outing at the Barbican in York on Sunday March 4th. Discover Vintage are promoting this event via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and around the city of York.
This photo shows a selection of the fabrics, patterns and magazines we took to the Hospitium.

Work on the web site is also progressing after a few technical problems. I am currently working full time on loading fabric details and photographs onto the site and all being well we will be live for the weekend to coincide with the fair.  See you there

Your Sewing Machine


Sewing machine not working correctly?

Save time, trouble and money with the following simple adjustments that you can easily do for yourself

Approx 95% of what appear to be a fault will actually be an adjustments that you can easily carry out yourself.  It then becomes much easier to use your machine and you can sew with confidence

Web Site and Vintage Fairs

Work is progressing nicely on my new web site and with luck we should be up and running this weekend.  The launch date will co-ordinate with my first Vintage Fair of the year at the Hospitium, Museum Gardens, York – Sunday February 12th trading from 11am to 4pm.

Business cards have arrived this morning, bunting has been made and a super selection of fabrics are being packed ready to load into the car on Saturday night (weather permitting!)

Below is a sneak preview of some of the fabulous fabrics I will be selling

Vintage Sewing Patterns/Magazines

To compliment my vintage fabric stash I have an extensive range of vintage sewing patterns, magazines (Vogue, Burda, Elle, Le Jardin Des Modes etc), sewing manuals, knitting patterns etc.  These will soon be available online on my website Launch date of this exciting new venture will be available soon




Sewing classes

Crafting is back on the agenda with making do and mending a way of revitalizing your wardrobe. Why my join one of my sewing courses which I run from Goods and Chattels in the Market Square, Howden. Start off with Get To Know Your Sewing Machine – a full days course explaining how to use and maintain your machine. Then as confidence builds move on to simple dressmaking techniques, soft furnishings, bunting etc. I will tailor a course to suit your needs. Courses are from £20 for 2 hours to £45 for a full days tuition. Contact me direct or Goods and Chattels proprietor Clare at for further details
New for 2012 Upholstery Techniques

1st Vintage Fair Of The Year

Preparations are already in full swing for my first Vintage Fair of the year:  Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair at the Hospitium, Museum Gardens, York on February 12th. Doors open at 11am until 4pm.  Unfortunately I will not be in my usual spot but will be on the 1st Floor.  But as before I will have a wide range of fabrics from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s plus some modern prints with a vintage look.  Looking forward to seeing you.

Contact cards

A day spent making my contact cards with scraps of fabric and buttons. Using my trusty Bernina minimatic sewing machine. It maybe over 30 years old but it still sews like a dream
Sewing Tip: For a professional finish on all your sewing projects always make sure your needle is in the fabric When turning a right angle

Here’s an example of a finished card


Vintage Fabric Stash

My world revolves around my huge stash of fabric which occupies my garage and takes over my home. I do not restrict myself to one era and love retro fabric, classic sanderson prints, Liberty designs, conversational prints, Laura Ashley etc. From small scraps for patchwork to huge rolls for curtains and blinds – they all find a home in my cupboards and drawers ready for a project or a customers request.
This weeks best sellers on eBay are this classic 1950s cotton leaf print

And these vintage Scottish and welsh wool tweed skirt lengths

I have more of the leaf print in stock if required.